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Tragedi Oktober


hye friends..for almost a month I've been busy for my final year..hoho

this blog getting bored with an empty story.. ~_~

so, in this entry i post my previous activity in last October ^_^

last two weeks Papa fulfill one of my wish list after i've finished my TECS for writing


TQ Papa

even we just snap in-front of the main gate of legoland it's already make me feel happy! ;*

then the next day i'm going back to my hometown.. IPOH..for Aidiladha Eve 

after arrived at IPOH my family & i directly go to my grandma house..

actually at that day it has been almost a week my grandma was warded.. #asthma

and guess what?? for almost 72 years old..this is her first time warded!huhu 

then we just celebrate the eve in the hospital.. ^_^

p/s: there's no picture of my grandma in here..she said she will look difference huhu

alhamdulillah..after a week later she discharged from warded..

get well soon OPAH ;*

so that's my story for now..see you soon..


Our Children

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Papa Mama

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