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Heart Attack!

huhu...today is my shocked day!not just about the presentation time which is going on from 5pm untill 7pm..but..because of the tragedy happent after 7pm..jeng3x..
actually, after the presentation session. my group make a detailed discussion about our group project with miss dayang..on this dramatic discussion i got so many informations not only so many corrections of my group project presentation but it is also about my task..and all the creative design must do in this project..
actually, when mr. hamidi teach us on teory class..he told us that the creative design job just design and slicing the design. then the sliced design will be send to the solution team to be chunk.
BUT, after make the detailed discussion with miss dayang..she told me and din that chunking is CD job!!!and the best part that can make us to be crazy is..when she said that CD need to chunking the design in HTML!!!i feel like i'm going to be crazy after this!!..huhu..
today also my first day for doing 3 things:
1) going lunch with zam and all his 'madu' (tina, nid and ann..hehe) at Tesco after buy A4 paper for class. we ate very nice sizzling chicken noodles and also buy 'Roti Boy'. then en. rizal got angry because we didn't buy 'Roti Boy' for him too. hehehe..don't be so angry la en. rizal..also to abg azif, sorry because we can't give you eat 'Roti Boy' so many because we don't want you to get diabetic..hehehe..it is because..just now you said, the 'Roti Boy' so sweet and not good for your health.. =P..next time i will buy for you another food k..nice and delicious..
2) arrived at home at 9pm and my parent scold me because they so worry about me for came home so late..but then my lil' sis and i go to the restaurant and buy fried rice for them to consoled.
3) make a public speech in front of class by the topic about my 7 little kittens..so happy because they like to hear that story..eventhough i actually can't speak in english fluencly and get nervous a little bit..at the beginning, i didn't know what topic can i told to them, but one of my friend suggest me to story about my cute little kittens..thanks guys for supporting me so much!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!wal lah ma we..keh3

My BiRtHdAy!!

on 20th july 2008 was my 24th birthday...but my best friend forgot it...how could she do like that..not just my best friend..also my eldest brother doesn't wish me anything on that day!!..huhu..so sad!! =(
but, never mind..my father still want to celebrate my birthday with buy me at pizza hut..
actually on that day..not only my birthday..but also my mom n my brother's birthday..on the same day..and because of that..nobody will get any present from my father..hehe..

My Busy Week!

This week is my very busy week. I always have a lot of work to do every day! Even my work already finish, but i'm still need to help my team to complete the work properly. But not just busy week..also can said as a bad week..because of my bad luck for reject UTHM offer!!my dad get angry,my brother,my mom also my best friend!!!aarrgghhhh!!!!!tension!!
i want to go..but i already sign the contract!!if i want to out from here..i need to pay RM10k..who will pay for me??en rizaL?YB?AZiF?huhu..nobody....

if somebody can pay for me...i'm still need to find another RM10k for the study fees per year!
huhu..anyway,i'll try another time!!

My worst week!

This week is my worst week..because of my right eye! SO PAINFULL!!! Feel so itchy, pain n worst feeling for whole week!!

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